At Luv 21 Leggings & Apparel Inc. our goal is to make shopping fun, relaxing and an enjoyable experience. What better way to accomplish this than to open your home, invite your friends over for a glass of wine and chat about new fashion ideas and styles.

Hosting a Luv21 Party is simple:

1. Invite your friends over for an afternoon or an evening of fashion and fun.

2. Relax as one of our Luv21 Stylists show you our Luv21 collection of casual and professional apparel.

3. Receive a free pair of leggings just for hosting a party and a free pair for every $250.00 worth of apparel sold at your party.

Hosting a Luv21 Fashion Party is easy. Just let us know you are interested in hosting a party with your friends by emailing us at and a Luv21 Stylist will contact you.
Once your Luv21 Apparel party is booked, it is time for you to send out your Save the Date requests to your friends, family, neighbours an co-workers. Then tell all of those people to invite a guest too. Start spreading the word about your party. Closer to the date send reminders out to your friends. Before you know it the date will be here for you to have fun with your friends at your Luv21 Stylist.
If you feel challenged with getting your friends to RSVP then call your Luv21 Stylist and she will give you some great advice, after all this is her expertise. Then call your friends, they will probably love to hear from you and a phone call is a great way to remind them of your party. Lastly select a few items that you think your guests would like, after all you know your friends’ tastes. This is what the Luv21 shopping experience is all about.
Absolutely. Once you have sent out your invitations to your friends, please share the news of your upcoming Luv21 party within your social networks.
No! Luv21 parties are fun. You and your guests browse through Luv21’s selection of clothing, try it on, model it and socialize.
Certainly. In fact, we at Luv21 encourage this.
As a Hostess; your Luv21 Stylist will give you a “Free” pair of leggings for every $250.00 of mechandise sold. If during your Luv21 party, a guest decides to be a Hostess for the first time and books a future Luv21 party, Luv21 Apparel Inc. will give you 25% off any one item of your choosing.
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